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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor

Qualcomm snapdragon 855 Processor

Hay guys this is the shiv salunke comes with another topic that is on mobile phone's processors
That is Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor

In the last month the Qualcomm come up with his new processor that is Qualcomm snapdragon 855 Processor. 
This is the latest processor for mid-range smartphone devices.

Comparison between snapdragon 845 vs 855 Processor

1- Performance 

In this new snapdragon 855 Processor we can seen kyro 485 system inside in it. 
This Kyro 485 is gives the 45% better performance than the previous snapdragon 845 Processor.
It has three kyro 485 CPUs
1- Prime core clock - speed is upto 2.48 GHZ.
2- Perfomance core clock - Speed upto 2.42 GHZ.
3- Efficiency core clock - Speed is upto 1.80 GHZ.  

2- GPU  

In the snapdragon 855 processor we got new GPU that is ADRENO 640 GPU. 
This GPU gives 25% better performance than the 845 GPU processor. 
It is make the our smartphone is more snappy. 
Its hardware bassed electronics Iamage stabilization solution with in camera system
Its captured photos on High frame camera capturing rate for slow motion vedios.

 3- AI System 

In this processor it gives the 4th generation's AI Engine. 
This AI Engine takes 7 Trillions apparitions in per second. 
It is 3 time more than the previous processor's AI Engine. 
It comes with Hexagon 690 Processor that ia secured processing capabilities. 

4- IPS Technology  

Ips technology means Image Signal Process 
This IPS technology also increase in 855 Processor than the 845 Processor. 
It is captured 2nd generation 4k vedio with the HDR mode.  It captures over more than the one Billion shades of the colors in this processor. 

5- 5G technology 

This snapdragon 855 processor support the 5G technology .
It's become world fist 5G supported processor.

* Some Specifications *

* In this processor the artificial intelligence engine comes with the Hexagonal 690 Processor. 

* In this processor we can see IPS (Image Signal Process)  that is comes with Specta 380 Image Sensor process. 

* This processor is comes with 5G modem that is X50 5G modem. 

* It's CPU is 8X Kryo 485 &it's speed is upto the 2.96-2.98 gigahertz(GHZ).

* It becomes world first 11ay bassed WiFi for the mobile device (60Ghz wifi).
It has multiple Gigabit connectivity.

*It has advanced movie features with the DOLBY Vision ultra shaped XR Vedio (8K 360) .
4k60 HDR vedio captured with the HDR10, HDR10+ & LHG technology with portrait modes. 

* It supports quick charging support with the 4+ Charge technology.

* It gives High generated Gaming speed Experience in it. 
Also gives Ultra responded Gaming technology. 

* It is made up by 7 Nano meter Manufacturer processor. 

* some smartphone comes with snapdragon 855 Processor
1- One plus 7
2- One plus 7 Pro
3- LG V5
4- Vivo IQ
5- LG G8
6- sony Xperia
7- Poco F2
These some smartphones that comes with snapdragon 855 Processors in Indian market. 

Now it is letest Processor in smartphone market. And it is come only with Flaxip smartphones.
It is high range processor so no any mid-range smartphone device comes with this 855 Processors. 

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