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Friday, July 26, 2019

Under screen camera

Oppo's Upcoming Under screen camera smartphone 

Oppo announced to his under display camera technology 

Oppo announced this upcoming smartphone with under display camera smartphone 

Features of under display camera technology  

* Under display Camera 📷 technology *

What is we seen just now is that while buying smartphone device?? 
Display , Camera , company etc. 

Now we seen the new technology that is Under Screen camera 
This technology seen by oppo's upcoming smartphone device that is shone by oppo in the mobile world compress that happened in the China 
Now unfortunately oppo didn't get opportunity to go and hand on this device so normally not sure about what is device is all about and also oppo didn't answer that when it is laughing. 

* Few years ago smartphone *

In the previous generation of the smartphones the manufacturer will trying to produce all screen of phone by shrinking the joint(big) bezzles of both side and reduce big notch on top front side of smartphones into the waterdrop notch & finally whole punch cut out is got. 
While doing so they have little  and little space they got to fit the camera in his set up. Duto this they have to shrink the object  that took the largest some other space & that is the sensors but now days the camera is under the screen they have much most space & hence can fitting the largest sensors under the display. 

* Large Aperture & large Pixels size *

The display of the device is in front of the camera lens & since it is translate it obstruct light to combine this & that is More light so they increase the aperture size of the camera which ia the size of whole opening through the light travels & hits the sensor.
Till today we had a max of aperture F1.5 but Oppo will have an F1.4 aperture which means this device ia the first time in the smartphone history has such large aperture. 
Also they have increased the pixels size of images that the phone camera has captured that means there can see even more light each individual pixels. 
Duto the both of the these things oppo clemes that the selfie that phone camera capture will be of much better quality than the traditional selfie camera. 

* Artificial Intelligence which power this camera 📷  *

The under display camera technology work by the making the display transparent by the turning into off & then snapping the photo by capturing the light by the travels into them to the sensor 
Now in treaty in the display above the camera ia turned off.  It should ideally become transparent but in the practice it rather become the transpelosent .
Hence they have use a machine to learning algorithm to clean up the image that is actually is captured by the camera .

In thes features of camera  oppo takes up in the market his upcoming smartphone that name is not announced by oppo but as soon as possible it announce his new smartphone that has under display camera 📷 

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