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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Samsung Gear S2 smart watch

Samsung Gear S2 smart watch

Few days ago Samsung launch his smart watch that is Samsung Gear S2 smart watch. 
                   Hey guys this is shiv salunke comes with another topic that is on Smart watch from Samsung.

Samsung Gear S2 watch 

Samsung Gear S2

Last some days ago Samsung launch his smart watch that is Samsung Gear S2. 
This is almost same as the fist Gear watch. 
But this time Samsung added more additional features in it. 


Samsung Gear S2

* This Gear S2 watch is the flapsheep watch from Samsung. 
* this smart watch operate on the Samsung's TIZEN software.  
* This watch has added two buttons on right side in That one is Back button & other ia Home button 
* Using home button it is access the all app & pressing it long time it use for power off the device. 
* it is a rounded shape so it has a rotating navigations.
* This smart watch also support the voice commands.
* it support all android apps in it like facebook, what's app, messenger and so more...... 
* this device support music player & also it has a single sond on back side of watch. 
* It support fitness technology apps. 
* using this watch we send or receive Emails, massages.
* this smart watch is rounded,  low bezzle ,touch screen watch. 
* this watch support the S Health that is track our daily programs,daily workouts, heartbeats and so more.. 
* it is water resistance & also operate inside the water. 
* It support wireless charging technology. 
* It has wide-ranging android phone connectivity. 
* it has 1.2inch full circular SAMOLED 360*360p display. 
* It support 3G network connectivity technology.
* it has Exynos 3250 processor.
* This smart watch has a 512MB Ram & 4GB Rom storage capacity options. 
* it comes with 250MAH battery backup. 
* it is water resistance device.
* this smart watch is available on amazon, Filpcart and also in the offline stores. 
* It available in different colors that is Red, black, purple, dark gray,  silver etc... 
* price of this smart watch is 20000 Ruppers in India

Best smart watch ever from Samsung. 
According to other smart watch thia is best smart watch. 
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For more technical info visit again here. 


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