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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Best Telegram channels

Best telegram channel 

Best Telegram channels

Best Telegram channels

Now day Telegram is become a craze to us.  Telegram is cloud bassed quick/instant massageing app.  We can also create groups on there. There is too much groups is available on Telegram. Most of them are useful to us and much more groups also unuseful. 
There is some best telegram channel for books 
Top 20 Telegram channels.

Best Telegram channels 

1 - Best telegram channel for books  

Best Telegram channels for Books
Telegram channels for Books 

1 :-  Medical Books Store (44.7k)
        If you are medical student then this .               medical books store telegram channel           best for you. 
         This channel provide medical books.             and papers in the PDF and photos.                   format .
         Best channel for medical students.
          It has 44.7 active user's 
                       Join this group  

2 :- Books Mania (24.4k)
      This channel provide all types of .                     information,  if you are teachers,                     students, Readers, school students,                 college students this channel is best for          you.
            It has 24.4k active user's 

                         Join this group 

3 :- e bookz (19.7k)
      This channel provide English books ,              English magzines and English stories in        there. 
      This information is provided as zip file.          or as link formate. 
         It has 19.7k active user's 
                       Join this group 

4 :- Indian books (16.6k)
      This channel provide books of all types          of Indian author's.
       This is best Ebook library channel. 
       It has 16.6k active user's. 
                       Join this group 

5 :- English books (10.2k)
       This group provides new English books         in as a PDF format.
       It has 10.2k active user's 
                       Join this group 

6 :- English Audio books (9.8k)
       Thia group also provide English stories         band English magzines in there as a               link formate and PDF format 
       It has 9.8k daily active user's 
                         Join this group 

7 :- Short stories (5.7k)
       This channel provide indian stories in           this group.
      It has 5.7k active user's 
                     Join this group 

8 :- Motivism (4.1k)
       This channel provide motivational                 books links and PDF file 
       It has 4.1 daily active user's 
                      Join this group 

9 :- Hindi Book (2.2k)
       This group provide hindi books as PDF           and Image formate .
       It has 2.2 daily active user's. 
                           Join this group 

10 :- Poetry (1.9k)
        This channel is provided a poems in .            different languages as PDF format.                  and audio formate 
         It has 1.9k active user's
                         Join this group   

11 :- Free and Flash kindle Ebook
          It has 3.8k active user's 
                        Join this group 

12 :- Medical notes book
         It has 1.7k active user's 
                     Join this group 

13 :- Book mania
          It has Daily 70.6k active user's 
                             Join this group 

14 :- Bestsellers book
         It has 25.5k active user's 
                     Join this group 

15 :- Bookcase 
          It has 27k active user's
                       Join this group   

These are Best Top 20 Telegram channels for books.

Best Telegram channels 

2 - Best Telegram channels for Movies

Best Telegram channels for Movies
Telegram channels for Movies

1 -: Hindi HD Movies 
      Join Now 

2 -: New Hollywood English Movies 
       Join Now  

3 -: Movie Seris
       Join Now 


5 -: RickyChristanto
       Join Now 

6 -: i MovieShare Channe
         Join Now 

7 -: Telegram Movies

8 -: YTS Movies
     Join Now


10 -: Cinema Company
   Join Now 

11 -: Movies Now Channel
  Join Now 

12 -: Movie HD Channel

13 -: Movies/Series-Gallery
  Join Now 

14 -: Pecinta Movie
   Join Now

15 -: Horror movie 
  Join Now 
16 -: Movies Empire
   Join Now 

Best Telegram channels 

3 - Best Telegram channels for Music 

Best Telegram channels for Music
Telegram channels for Music 

1 -: Full Music Album
  Join Now 

2 -: Sick Mind’s Media
  Join Now 
4 -: The HiTs 

5 -: Uᴘ Mᴜꜱɪᴄ 

6 -: Bollywood Best Hindi Songs
7 -: Muzic Turki
  Join Now 

8 -: Arabi Music
  Join Now 

9 -: French Music
  Join Now 

10 -: LFM music 
  Join Now 

11 -: Selena Gomez
    Join Now 
12 -: Christian Music  
   Join Now ,

13 -: Telegram Music
   Join Now 
   Join Now 

Best Telegram channels 

4 - Best Telegram channels for Comedy 

Best Telegram channels for Comedy
Telegram channels for Comedy 

1 -: comedy circus   
        Join Now

         Join Now

         Join Now

4 :- Funny videos
        Join Now

5 :- Child Heaven
       Join Now

6 :- That’s Funny
        Join Now

This is some best telegram channel for books , Movies ,  Music , Comedy vedios.
Click to Join Now to join These groups and direct join that group on telegram 



Telegram is cloud bassed instant/quick massage application. 
Telegram is released in 14 August 2013 approximately 6 years ago. 
This app is made up for Androidwindows,  maCos,  Linux,  Microsoft and Ios also. 
Telegram is available in 14 different languages as English, persian, spanish,  german, dutch, ukrinian, malay, indonesian, Russian, korean, Portuguese, arabic and italian etc. 
Headquarter of telegram is in London unUnited Kingdom and Dubai. 
Founder of telegram is Nikolai Durov and Pavel Durov. 
Few days ago Telegram cross 200 million monthly active user's. 
Best Telegram channel 

Best Telegram Channels 

Telegram channel for books 
Telegram channels for movie 
Telegram channels for Music 
Telegram channels for Comedy 
About Telegram 
How to Join telegram groups

Best Telegram channels 

#English speaking on Telegram# 

Is it your dream to speak English fluently, to be able to express yourself and say exactly what it is you want to say, you want to be confident speaking and interacting with other English speakers? 
If this is your dream, then you're in the right place to speak English confidently, to be fluent to be able to express yourself without any hesitation you have to be using your English as much as possible. 
You need to be immersing yourself, surrounding yourself with the English language being used naturally, listening to natural conversations analyzing vocabulary, grammar from the natural conversations to help you betterunderstand native English speakers. 
You need to be reading as much as possible to ensure that you can see grammar being used naturally Learn the grammar being used so that you can use those grammatical structures when you have to write and speak in English. 
You need to get as much speaking practice as possible so that you can improve your pronunciation, your intonation, so that you sound more natural, you sound more fluent   and you will be more confident when speaking in English. Most importantly you need to be consistent. 
Consistently working on your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Also learning vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, so that you are seeing improvements and you are consistently developing and improving your confidence speaking in English. 
Now, this can be hard if you don't have a clear learning plan and you don't have anybody to support or guide you in the right direction. 
Do you need help? Do you need a teacher to help, support and guide you to improve your level of English and most importantly your confidence speaking in English. 
If you answered yes, then there is some telegram group is perfect for you. 
The Telegram group is where I teach,support and guide you with right and more effective resources, tips and tricks so that you can improve your level of English, most important, like your confidence speaking in English.
 I will be your guide every Monday. I will develop a clear learning plan to help you improve your English and mostimportantly, get the speaking practice you deserve in a one set group.
There are three daily step members take to improve their level of English. 
Let's go through the first step. How exactly will you learn? When you enroll in our Whatsapp group, you'll be given access to our classroom. 
Let's have a look at the classroom now together so that you can understand exactly   how you will learn in our Telegram group. 
At the moment on this screen you can see the classroom. 
In the beginning you have an introductory section showing you exactly how to use this course, how to learn in a Telegram group, how to complete the speaking challenges and also a guide to using the lesson materials.
In the second section, you'll see that on Mondays we focus on reading and vocabulary skills. 
On Tuesdays we focus on listening skills, on  Wednesdays, we focus on grammar skills, on Thursdays we focus on shadowing and writing skills and on Fridays we focus onpronunciation and intonation. 
Let's have a look at Monday's lesson set so they can understand exactly what we do on Mondays. 
On mondays we focus on learning vocabulary and grammar naturally by reading.
 On Mondays you'll read a natural text found from the media. We will go through, in a video format, all the vocabulary,idioms, slang expressions found in the text and then you are required to complete a quiz to ensure that you've fully understood the text and you're able to speak about it in that day speaking challenge. 
There is also a discussion for you to join so that you can connect with other members in our Telegram group, completing the reading task to see how you went to get support and to ask questions about this week's lesson topic.
On Tuesdays, we focus on listening to natural English being used in conversations. 
In step one you are required to listen to a natural conversation between two native English speakers.
You can also use a transcript if you struggle to understand the conversation and at the end you are required to complete a quiz to test and check how well you are able to complete and understand that listening task. 
There is also a discussion for you to join, to ask questions, to get support from our community and from your teachers in ourclassroom. On Wednesdays we focus on grammar, we go through tricky grammar points to help you better understand the use of grammar and use grammar correctly when speaking and communicating in English. This lesson is in video format. 
You are required to watch this video lesson and complete the speaking task for that day.
 On Thursdays, we focus on shadowing and writing practice. 
By listening to the audio you will complete shadowing practice to improve your pronunciation, intonation, to learn connected speech to help you sound more natural speaking in English. As part of this section you are also required to complete a dictation task to improve your writing skills and to help you think faster and better express yourself in written form in English.
On fridays we focus on pronunciation. Through the video lesson you will learn how to exactly pronounce words in English so that you can speak more clearly. 
It can improve the pronunciation and intonation to better help you complete that day speaking tasks. 
In step 1 you are focusing on learning and improving your English, but instead - you are required to speak. 
Remember, the best way to be improving your speaking skills is to be, of course, speaking in English, but also getting feedback from a teacher. 
From Monday to Friday, I post a new speaking challenge for you to complete. I ask you a question based on that week's lesson topic and you are required to record your voice to answer that so that I can see and test if you are using the vocabulary, the grammar, if you're pronouncing words clearly, if you are able to express yourself with total confidence in English. 
These speaking challenges will take you a maximum of sixty seconds to complete. All you need to do is hit record You need to upload your video and you'll be given feedback on your speaking skills. 
The final step is to connect. Connect with other English learners in our  Telegram group. 
Our telegram group is a safe community.
 It's a private community. You can join with other members who are interacting talking about the lesson topics and where you'll receive additional support and guidance to improve your confidence speaking in English. 
Remember, to be improving your Englishyou need to be using your English as much as possible. The telegram group is there to support and motivate you. If you have a question, if you're struggling to stay consistent, if you're struggling to complete the speaking challenges, ask questions, you'll receive support from our members so that you get confident, you improve your confidence and you complete the lessons sets for that day.
 To get access and to enroll in our  Telegram group, click the button below this video,complete your enrollment and you'll receive instant access to our classroom and to our telegram group with my guidance,support and access to our online training program. 
I'm sure that you will improve your level of English and drastically improve your confidence speaking in English. 
I look forward to helping, teaching and supporting you in our telegram group. See you inside on group. 
So join these all channels on telegram. 

Check out all above channels and Join Now some of this 

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  3. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well.. Telegram Mod for Android

  4. i tried to contact the groups but none of the telegram groups are opening, earlier t.me/xxxx was used to open any group or channel, some changes have taken place i have my desktop version open it is not working. t.me/xxx does not work nowadays. I don't know why. How to remain healthy, disease free safe during Corona Pandemic


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