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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

who invented smartphone

who invented smartphone

 Today's generation about mobile 

Today mobile has become an intergral part of life.  Without it the world has realize that life is in vain.  
Today's generation is feeling nither mobile nor life. Mobile make more than Life. 

How mobile is invented and who invented mobile 

First Smartphone device,  history of smartphone
First smartphone 

In 1992 First smartphone is made up and it made up or createed by team IBM (international business machine corporation),  who's make mobile device. 
That time this mobile called Simon personal communicator.
According to some magazines this IBM'S first smartphone devices price is $900 with all services. 

But actually martin marty copper is make a pioneer wireless communication device in 1970 appro.

First mobile, history of smartphone
Martin's First mobile 

Martin was a Engineer in electronics and communication field.
He invented his first wireless device we called that Phone that phone is invented in 1970 appro. 


Weight :- 
              This smartphone's weight is 1.088kg

Battery backup :-
              30 minutes after 10 hours charging. 

Display :-
                   No display 

Cost :- 
            This smartphone is near about $4000

This martin's smartphone has to droback so IBM make display smartphone device. 

Specifications of 1992's smartphone 

Screen size :- 1.4inch 

Body size :- 4.5inch

Display :- LCD Display 

Third party apps :- Supports

Battery capacity :- 5 Hours 

Cost :- Near about $900

This is first smartphone that has a screen and fully loaded apps. 
Logs,  contact , massage,  calendar,  that type of some apps is available on this smartphone device. 
In this device there is no much more space but it handled application to Run in it.
That time this smartphone is sells about 50k units (50000).

That's history of smartphone 

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