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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

What is polytechnic courses - All information

What is polytechnic courses 

 What is polytechnic courses -

Polytechnic is an engineering but it is junior engineering.  Polytechnic courses is Diploma engineering. 

What is polytechnic courses - MSBTE Logo

What is polytechnic courses ? All information - 


The various steps of the admission process.
  1.   Candidates interested in Vocational Diploma Courses are required to purchase the information leaflet and Facilitation Center for admission.  The facility is listed on the website of the Directorate of Technical Education, the application ID and password provided in the admission kit should be kept confidential.  
  2. The information booklet and admission kit will cost Rs.  5 / - and for backward and handicapped candidates Rs.  No more than Rs. 5 / - should be given to the facility for information booklet and admission kit.
  3. Candidates should read / understand the information booklet provided from the facility center.
  4.  Candidates wishing for vocational diploma courses should make available admission schedule from time to time for admission from the website of the Directorate of Technical Education.  If there are any changes in it, please note it from time to time.
  5. Online application for Diploma Courses should be submitted on the computer at the facility center by filling the password on the Admission Kit and submit it in the prescribed time from the following website.
  1. The candidate should fill in his / her own E-mail ID and Mobile Number in the application form.  Then print out the completed application form and print the shaded copy of the documents shown in the facility at the Certificate of Origin and provide the acknowledgment of the submission of the application from the facility center.  Also some in the application before confirming the application at the facility center Selecting one of these options online is by going to the computer itself or at a convenience center.  Candidates who have opted for SLIDE or FLOAT in the first round and those who have secured their preferred position in the second round will be automatically vacated in the first round.  
  2. Third - To see the remaining space in the roundabout at the website.  Interested candidates can fill new option for 3rd round.  This may also include the remaining seats as some candidates may get vacant posts while the third round is underway. 
  3. Candidates who did not get any seats in the first / second rounds or who did not participate in the first / second rounds (as the substitute form was not filled in) or who had earlier admitted or canceled the place or who had earlier opted for the FREEZE option  But those who are willing to take part in the third round. Candidates will be eligible to take part in the third round.
  4. Candidate should log in with his Application ID and Password from the allotted Choice Code website for the third round.  If the candidate who has been allotted for the first time in the third round, the institution and syllabus are allotted, then to confirm the admission by paying admission fee to the Admission Attendance Center (ARC).  There will be no FREEZE / SLIDE / FLOAT option as there is no central access process round for entry after the third round.  List of Directorate of Admission Presence Centers (ARC) operates at www.  dtemaharashtra.  gov.  This is posted on the Web site.
  5. After the third round, all the rounds of allotted candidates will have to obtain admission receipt (print) from ARC and attend admission within the prescribed period and maintain admission fee (regular admission fee).  Every candidate should note that the admission of such candidates will automatically be canceled if the admission fee is not fixed after the third round in the allotted institution.
  6. All candidates should note that fame will be published from time to time on the website mentioned in Annexure 5 , if any decision regarding the decision taken by the competent authority during the admission process or for any change in the admission schedule for technical reasons.

Religious minority students 

Religious Groups

Government Institutes For First Year Post SSC Diploma Courses: Reservation in Gove with Second Shift Courses for Religious Minority Students:

 70% of seats taken for the course of Religious Minority Studant Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, sikh, Parsi and Jain community.

30% of ART intake for the General and Backward Class category candidates for Secondary Shift Courses for Religious.

Minority Students in Selected Governance (For details see Annexure I).  These seats will be filled through CAP at state level. 

Minority religious Groups

  • Muslim - 22
  • Buddhist - 14
  • Christian - 02
  • Sikh - 01
  • Jain - 01
  • Parsi - 01
    Total - 42

Causes to admission - 

  1. Civil Engg.  Group.
  2. Mechanical Engg.  Group (including Mechotronics)
  3. Computer Engg.  Group.
  4. Electrical Engg. Group.
  5. Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.  Group.
  6. Instrumentation Engg.  Group.
  7. Chemical Engg.  Group.
  8. Textile Engg.  Group.
  9. Printing Technologygroup.
  10. Agricultural Engg group.
  11.  Medical Laboratory Technology Group.
  12. Food Technology Group. 
  13. Mining Engineering Group.
  14. Sugar Manufacturing group 

List of Government College of polytechnic. 

Polytechnic colleges - 

  •  Government - Polytechnic.  Yavatmal.... Civil Engineering - 101219100.   . Mechanical Engineering - 101261200

  • Government Polytechnic.  Ambad Electronics Engineering 201337600 Mechanical Engineering 201361200

  • Government Polytechnic. Jalna.              . Civil Engineering 201419100.         . Electrical Engineering 1201429300 Mechanical Engineering 201461200

  • Government Polytechnic. Nanded .          Civil Engineering 201719100.     . Mechanical Engineering 201761200
 Government Polytechnic. Nanded        

  •  Government Institute of Printing ... Printing Technology 300684300.                   . J. J.  School Of Architecture Compound,Near CST Station,Mumbai 

  • Government of polytechnic, 49 , Ali Yawar Jung Marg, Kherwadi,  Bandra(E) Mumbai.

  • Government polytechnic Ratnagiri

  •  Government polytechnic Thane,  At phadke pada opp.  Bharat Gears,  Mumbra shil road Thane - 400612

  •  Government polytechnic, Bramhapuri.

  •  Government polytechnic, Jalgaon.

  •  Government polytechnic,  Karad.

  •  Government polytechnic, Akkalkot road,  Solapur

  •  Government polytechnic,  Pune

  • Puranmal Lahoti Government polytechnic,  Latur. 

  •  Government polytechnic,  Hingoli.

  • More Colleges

 Eligible Candidates & Requirement For Admission 

Admission Requirements...

 Diploma in Engineering and Technology .

(A) First Year of Post SSC.

(1) The Candidate should be an Indian National.

(2) Passed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or vice versa, with at least 35% aggregate marks. 

 (B) Direct Second Year of Post SSC.

(1) The Candidate should be Indian National

 (2) Passed Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) Science or HSC Science with Vocational or HSC Science with Technical or ssc with 2 years ITI appropriate specialization. 

 (C) Post HSC in Surface Coating Technology.

  (1) The Candidate should be an Indian National: (ii) Passed HSC Science with subjects in English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

(2) The candidate must be an Indian National.

  (3) Passed the HSC Science with Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects along with one of the subject Mathematics or Biology (Botany and Zoology).

Documents For Admission


The following Ing documents will also be * In licu the "Certificate of Indian Nationality acceptable Sonality of the candidate as Indian.

 1.  The School Leaving Certificate Indicates the Nationality of the Candidate.
2.  Indian Passport in the name of the candidate, Issued by appropriate authorite 
3.  Birth Certificate of Candidate indicating the place of birth in India.

  Domicile certificate:
 Domicile certificate issued by the Maharashtra State appropriate authority considered valid.  The candidate of the mother of the domicile certificate will be supported with a marriage certificate and change of legal proof if name.  Such candidates will be reassigned to the birth certificate clearly mentioning the name of their mother.

Cut off date for the eligibility: 
The applicability of the candidate shall be determined and / or determined for all purposes including the plicability of all these Rules and Regulations by the last date of submission of the online application form l CAPs the cut off date.  It is abundantly clear that ifal Candidate is found ineligible on the last date of submission of the online application form for CAP.  Terms and Conditions of these Rules and Regulations.  And if such an ineligible candidate acquires the Feduisite eligibility after the aforesaid cut-off date (ie the last application date of submission of the online application form), the eligibility of such subsequent acquisition will not make any ineligible candidate eligible for any purpose whatsoever.  Much less for the purpose of admission.  

Caste validity certificate:
 The candidates belonging to SC.  VJ / DT ENTIA)), NT (B).  NTIC).  NTIDI.  OBCan SBC, categories should produce "Caste Validity Certificate issued by Scrutiny Committee of Social Welfare Department and Candidate belonging to ST category should submit Tribe Validity Certificate issued by Scrutiny Committee of Tribal Department at time of claiming reimbursement as demanded by concerned authority  If the candidate fails to produce the caste validity certificate by the concerned department then he / she will be required to pay the fees applicable to the General Category candidate.

Non creamy layer certificate: 
Backward class candidates belonging to VJ / DT / NT B / NT - C / NT - D / OBC SRO required to produce non creamy layer certificate.

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